Do you care about YOUR community?

Like helping and meeting other people?  Need an incentive to get fit (firefighters only)? 
Keen to learn some new and exciting skills? 
Want to be part of one of New Zealand's oldest Fire Brigades?  

Full training and equipment provided - Active Social Group - Both Men and Women.

To find out more:
Email recruiting  
Call Warren: 027 523 0085
 Come down to the Devonport Fire Station (23 Lake Rd) on training night 
(Monday from 6.30pm)  


Operational Support Role:
This is non operational (i.e. do not attend fires/ floods etc.) and is "office" based.  A clerical role. 
This will take a few hours a week. You can do it from home (you will need an internet connection)  or the fire station.  This is a volunteer role as well.

Fire Fighters:
You must be over 18, live south of Takapuna Grammar, and pass Police and Medical checks.
We are NOT on call during normal business hours (paid staff on duty 24/7)
Currently we are at full complement, but welcome your interest.  We can discuss the process with you  and keep your details for when we need new members. 
Frequently Asked Questions - Fire Fighters
  • When is the Devonport Volunteer Fire Brigade on call?
    • As volunteers we are on call from 5.30 pm to 7 am on standard week days.
    • Weekends and public holidays we are on call 24 hours a day.
    • Paid Professional fire-fighters based at the Devonport fire station provide coverage 24 hours/ 7 days a week.  

  • Do I have to attend every call out?
    We expect you to respond to a reasonable number of callouts.  We appreciate that you have commitments outside of the fire brigade.  

  • Is there any cost in being a volunteer?
    They only cost is your time.  All equipment, clothing, and training is provided by the New Zealand Fire Service. Where courses are outside of Auckland all reasonable costs are paid for by the New Zealand Fire Service. 

  • What is the time commitment?
    • Training is every Monday night (other than public holidays). Training is from 6.30 pm until approximately 9.30 pm.  We expect you to attend the majority of training nights. 
    • Callouts.  We can get called out at any time during the hours we are on call. The minimum time is around 30 minutes through to a number of hours.  After a call out with many fire trucks volunteer fire trucks are normally released first. On average we get called out once a week.
    • Training Courses.  There are courses that you will be required to attend from time to time. For example:  First Aid is 1 day (at a weekend) every 2 years.
    • To progress in experience and rank. This can be a 5 or 7 day course.  All travel, accommodation, and lost wages expenses are paid for by the New Zealand Fire Service. 
    • Community Events.  We attend the Devonport Santa parade and ANZAC day parade each year. There are also local school fairs we are asked to attend from time to time to promote fire safety. 

  • What does training involve?
    Training is a mixture of:
    • Basic physical drills – to ensure members can undertake the core skills and use equipment
    • Training with equipment such as:  hoses, breathing apparatus, special suits for hazardous materials, pumps, ropes, fire extinguishers and ladders.
    • Lectures.  Generally informal to supplement the physical training.
    • Scenarios.  This is where replicate the types of calls we may be called to.  This could be house fire, commercial fire, motor vehicle accidents, dangerous/ hazardous goods spill, flooding.

  • How do you get turned out to calls?
    Once qualified you will be provided with a pager.  This advises you of the type of call and where it is. Devonport does not have a fire siren!

  • How do I get to a call out?
  • This depends on how close you live to the station.  Ideally you will live within an approximate 3 minute drive from the station at 23 Lake Road at the legal road speed.

  • Do we sleep on station?
  • No.  We do not have a crew on station overnight or at the weekends.  We respond from wherever we are when a call comes in and if we are in the greater Devonport area.

  • Social Events.
    • Every year we have a formal dinner for awards. 
    • There is a family Christmas party early December (as many members have kids and partners)
    • Throughout the year we have occasional dinners with partners. 
    • All events are financially subsidised.

  • Mix of the current Brigade.
    • We normally have 12 – 18 members (a mixture of males and females)
    • The ages range from 18 through to 50+. 
    • We all live on the Devonport peninsula.
    • Mixture of students, office workers and trades

For more information about being a Volunteer in the NZFS click here.

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